EpiTech SmartPower™ Supplies for MBE Effusion Cells

EpiTech has developed a new line of power supplies for MBE effusion cells that we call SmartPower™. These innovative & flexible solutions offer power ranges 800 W to 3000 W and offer unique options, including dual output version for effusion cells with two filaments and an external version that can also interface with a Sorensen or TDK-Lambda DC supply.

Thoughtful Features Designed for the End User

EpiTech solutions are designed by MBE engineers to specifically address the challenges and frustrations experienced by MBE engineers in the day-to-day operations of their MBE systems. Visit the links below to see the standard features:

Innovative Interlock Features Dramatically Improve Operability

Smart Interlock Control for Interlock 1

EpiTech's smart interlock control for interlock 1 prevents the temperature controller's PID loop from accumulating integration error while the power supply is disabled. This intelligent feature prevents the temperature controller from requesting a high output power simply because the interlock has disabled the power supply. This scenario often occurs during a long-term interlock failure such as a failure that occurs overnight.

Soft Interlock Recovery

Our soft interlock recovery ensures that when interlock 1 is returned to a safe condition, the output signal requested by the Eurotherm temperature controller is increased from 0% and is temporarily limited so that 100% output cannot be achieved in less than 10 seconds. This temporary output-rate-limit prevents the power supply from instantaneously supplying high voltage and current upon being enabled.

Front-Panel Interlock Bypassing

Not all effusion cells need–or should–be interlocked due to the damage that can occur to crucibles during rapid cooling and the small likelihood of an interlock failure being a true catastrophic event. EpiTech SmartPower supplies feature front-panel interlock bypassing for both interlocks, which allows the user to disable interlock functionality conveniently & safely right from the front panel.

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