EpiTech SmartPower™ Internal Power Supplies

EpiTech internal power supplies efficiently output clean DC power for your effusion cell and substrate heater power needs

Thoughtful Features Designed for the End User

EpiTech solutions are designed by MBE engineers to specifically address the challenges and frustrations experienced by MBE engineers in the day-to-day operations of their MBE systems. Standard features include:

  • Smart interlock control

  • Soft interlock recovery

  • Front-panel interlock bypassing

  • Intelligent Eurotherm 3508 programmable temperature controller

  • Reliable and efficient power factor correcting DC power supply

  • 800W, 1500W, and 3000W capacities

  • Real-time voltage and current displayed on front panel

  • Current limit adjustable in 0.1 amp increments to 10A, 1A increments for current limits greater than 10 A

  • Two (2) interlock inputs

    • Interlock 1 disables the power supply and is for vacuum integrity

    • Interlock 2 forces the Eurotherm to set point 2 and is intended for water flow

  • Cool room air enters through front vents, exits into rack

  • C-type thermocouples standard

  • (Optional) Automatic set point (master—slave) tracking

  • Comms — RS422, RS485, RS232, or MODBUS TCP

  • Universal voltage input (100-250VAC)

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