Innovative & Flexible Solutions for Epi Growth

EpiTech applies 15 years of expertise in molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to develop exceptional MBE growth products & services that engineers actually want to use. EpiTech products uniquely combine full feature sets, seamless usability, & unmatched reliability with the flexible, self-service capabilities that keep costs of ownership low. And every product is backed with first-class service & support. 

EpiTech solutions can provide the epitaxial growth needed to realize product visions across a wide range of industries, including semiconductors, electronics, materials science, data storage, LED, and more. We look forward to working with your organization to help you achieve your business goals. 

EpiTech Products & Services

Serious science. Flawless engineering. Affordable pricing.

MBE Growth Products

Explore EpiTech's customized electronics solutions for MBE and MOCVD reactors, including our innovative line of SmartPower™ supplies for MBE effusion cells. Learn more...

MBE Service + Maintenance

Tap into EpiTech's industry-leading maintenance services across the spectrum of reactors—from minor repairs to complete overhauls. Learn more... 

Need more info? Contact us and let's schedule a call to learn more about your needs and determine how you can integrate EpiTech solutions into your organization's MBE growth operations.

The EpiTech Story

EpiTech was founded by MBE growth engineers to serve the specific needs of MBE growth engineers. We felt that industry consolidation led to generic, overly optimized solutions with ever-increasing cost of ownership, resulting in less reliable products without the flexibility, features, and self-service capabilities that MBE engineers want. It motivated us to start a company that produced exceptional MBE growth products that we'd want to use ourselves. And that's where EpiTech's story begins... 

Thoughts, News & Updates

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