EpiTech SmartValve™ Valve Positioner

EpiTech has developed a new line of valve controllers that we call SmartValve™.   We call them SmartValve™ because the touch screen interface is very easy to use, they are capable of automatic and remote calibration of home and max position, they communicate over Ethernet (Modbus TCP) and serial (EI-BYSYNCH or Modbus RTU) protocols, and they start up in mere seconds. No other company offers a product this convenient to use. If you need a custom solution, call us or use the form at the bottom of the page.

Thoughtful Features Designed for the End User

EpiTech solutions are designed by MBE engineers to specifically address the challenges and frustrations experienced by MBE engineers in the day-to-day operations of their MBE systems. Standard features include:

  • Boots in seconds
  • Valve positioner accuracy is approximately +- 0.01 mil (10 millionths of an inch)
  • Compact and powerful brushless AC servo motor (200W or 400W)
  • Automatic homing and max position calibration
  • Remote homing and max position calibration through communications interface
  • Communicates over Ethernet port using Modbus TCP protocol
  • Communicates over serial port (RS-422, 4-wire) using EI-BYSYNCH and Modbus protocols
  • Compatible with Molly and AMBER control software
  • Touchscreen interface makes the valve positioner intuitive to use and configure
  • Enable button on the front panel makes disabling the motor quick and easy
  • Compact design fits in a 2U high, half rack width
  • Universal voltage (100 – 240VAC, 1 phase)
  • 10 meter cable standard

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