EpiTech Eurotherm Boxes for MBE Effusion Cells

For our customers that need a basic temperature control solution who already has or would prefer to use external power supplies, we offer several flexible options to meet your needs.  Our boxes come pre-wired to accept your Eurotherms, or we can supply the Eurotherm of your choice.  Contact us and we can discuss all the options.

Options include, but not limited to:

  • One through four Eurotherms (2204, 2404, or 3504)
  • Pre-wired with Eurotherm Sleeves (optional for customers with their own Eurotherms)
  • Half rack or full rack enclosure
  • 110VAC or 220VAC power
  • Variety of thermocouple types
  • Front vents and rear fan exhaust for long life
  • Your choice of communications (serial comms or Ethernet)
  • Illuminated switches for easy identification in poorly lit environments

For purchases, custom electronics, or questions, contact us directly.

Need more info? Get the full specifications:

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