EpiTech MBE support combines unmatched expertise with an exceptional level of service.

EpiTech offers 15 years of extensive experience in the development, growth, and maintenance of molecular beam epitaxy. Our maintenance & support team can provide fast, reliable & effective service to MBE reactors, regardless of manufacturer.

MBE Expertise That's Broad & Deep

The EpiTech team develops, repairs, and maintains the full spectrum of reactors and uses:

  • III-Phosphides
  • III-Arsenides
  • III-Nitrides
  • Phosphorous MBE Reactors
  • Arsenic MBE Reactors
  • Nitrogen Plasma MBE Reactors

From minor repairs to complete overhauls, EpiTech's expert technicians ensure you get peak performance from your MBE equipment.

MBE Repairs


Get emergency MBE assistance when you need it so you get your reactors and equipment back online as soon as possible. 

Our expert technicians assess the situation; provide you with a plan of action & associated costs; and implement the repair plan quickly & efficiently.

MBE Maintenance

MBE Maintenance

Ensure your MBE equipment operates at maximum efficiency with EpiTech's regular maintenance & support service. 

We schedule regular visits to review reactor performance, make any needed adjustments, and consult with you on other opportunities to ensure your MBE program runs at its peak.

MBE Rebuilds & Overhauls

MBE Rebuilds & overhauls

Ensure ongoing optimal performance & reduce operating costs with a complete rebuild or overhaul of your MBE system. 

EpiTech experts review your current operation; provide a comprehensive development plan; and build a new system that improves performance & reduces the cost of ownership.


Need expert advice or help solving a problem?  From troubleshooting epi quality concerns to helping develop standard operating procedures and maintenance plans, we have the expertise and experience to help you.  

How can we help?

Start with an assessment.

How can EpiTech support your MBE program? Start with an assessment. We'll review your current system and consult with you on the best strategy to maintain & improve your epitaxial growth operations. Contact us directly or complete the form to schedule your assessment: