SmartValve Controller

New Release: SmartValve™ Controller

Another day for celebration here at EpiTech as we deliver our first valve positioner, the SmartValve™ Controller.  

After collaborating with veteran MBE growth engineers to identify their wants and needs in a valve controller, we created a product that is easy to use, incredibly precise, and flexible.

     Features include:

  • Boots in seconds
  • Accuracy is approximately +- 0.01 mil (10 millionths of an inch) 
  • Automatic homing and max position calibration
  • Remote homing and max position calibration through communications interface
  • Communicates over serial port using EI-BYSYNCH and Modbus protocols
  • Compatible with Molly and AMBER control software
  • Touchscreen interface makes the valve positioner intuitive to use and configure
  • Enable button on the front panel makes disabling the motor quick and easy
  • Compact design fits in a 2U high, half rack width
  • Universal voltage (100 – 240VAC, 1 phase)