New Release: SmartPower™ Quad

Our first SmartPower Quad has rolled off the assembly line.  

If you want the Smart Power's innovative features, but already have external power supplies that you know and love, then a SmartPower Quad is for you.

     Features include:

  • Four (4) Eurotherm 3508 programmable temperature controllers (TC’s)
  • Control and monitoring of four (4) external power supplies
  • Universal input voltage (100 – 250 VAC)
  • Real-time voltage and current displayed on front panel
  • Four (4) current limit displays allowing adjustment of current limit in 0.1A increments below 10A, and 1 A increments over 10A from the front panel
  • Four (4) independently fused, illuminated power switches on rear panel
  • Four (4) pairs of two (2) interlock inputs
  • Interlock 1 disables the power supply output and is intended for vacuum integrity condition
  • Interlock 2 forces the (TC) to set point 2 and is intended for water flow condition
  • Smart interlock control
  • Smart interlock recovery
  • Front panel interlock bypassing
  • Serial communications (RS-422, 4-wire)
  • USB configuration interface for setting external power supply parameters and modifying the serial communications parameters (protocol, data format, baud rate, and serial addresses)