EpiTech offers customized electronics solutions for MBE & MOCVD reactors.

At EpiTech, we take pride in delivering the very best MBE/MOCVD products & services in the industry. We offer a unique, cohesive product experience based on three fundamental principles:

Features Designed By–And For–End Users

EpiTech MBE products work. And it's because they include thoughtful features that actually reflect & address the real issues that MBE engineers face every day. Our products uniquely offer a combination of the features, customizations, and flexibility that MBE engineers want.

Unparalleled Support & Service

At EpiTech, customer service & ongoing maintenance aren't just part of our product suite, they're passions. From response & turnaround times to ongoing consultation, EpiTech will exceed your expectations. 


With EpiTech, you'll find our MBE/MOCVD products & services offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. But we think affordability goes beyond purchase price. EpiTech products are specifically designed to reduce ongoing operating costs. You won't find lower costs of ownership in the MBE industry.

Explore our products that support epitaxial growth and find out how EpiTech can enhance your MBE growth operations. 


SmartPower™ Power Supply

Eurotherm Boxes

SmartValve™ Valve Controller

SmartSubstrate™ Controller

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